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TINKERPUPS Snuggles - Celebrating Pets


...Animal shelters felt it!

Many animal shelters had to close as staff members weren't able to come to work. Many people have also found themselves having to move in with others to save money as they lost most if not all of their full-time employment. This has meant many people had to give up their beloved pets. Suddenly, shelters have been scrambling to find homes for dogs and cats. Foster homes are in high demand as shelters aren't able to find forever homes fast enough. Tinkerpups, working closely with their network of shelters have found homes for 50+ dogs so far.


As we have socially distanced from our coworkers and family, it has found a lot of people in need of meaningful bonding time. The usual water cooler conversation is non-existent. Dining out with friends has been pared back if happening at all. The routines such as grabbing a cup of coffee at the local coffee house, on the way to work have ceased. All the usual interactions which helped make us all still human have changed, for a while.

Canine or feline friends have filled in the gap for many. The time home has also enabled people to provide a solid transition for a new pet into their lives and homes. As a result, there are lots of meaningful dialogue people are having with their pets. It's ok, no one is around to see it. Pets are able to snuggle in next to their owner when the owner would usually be at the office, pre-COVID. Social media is dripping with cute outtakes from people's pets.


As more and more people have brought pets into their lives, it's filling a void left by the lack of human interaction. Animals brighten our days. They help us to forget the larger problems of the world by bringing simple and pure joy into our homes. There may come a time when pets want to give their owners the boot for the day so they can enjoy uninterrupted, peaceful naps. Until then, its a win all around! More importantly, animals that didn't have a loving home have been matched.

For this, we celebrate PETS.


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