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Referral Program

We are looking to add Tinkerpups family members and who better to find wonderful people to join us than you? Refer us someone that you think will be a match and when they purchase their pup you will receive $100 and they will receive a $200 discount!  What better way to grow our family than with people we know?




We can’t express how thankful we are that we found Patty of Tinkerpups! She was patient, communicative, warm and genuine throughout the whole process, and we were able to get the most incredible little puppy from her that we love with all our hearts! 

She gave us plenty of guidance on taking him home and even later messaged us to check in to see how everything was going. We now have the best little pup in all the world who we named Gizmo! 

He’s incredibly intelligent and sweet and so cute that he looks like an animatronic sometimes!  It’s so clear how well cared for he was before he came home with us and we now can’t imagine life without him. Thank you so much Patty your passion for dogs is so evident and you truly have been a gift! - Sarah




"Patty of Tinkerpups has been amazingly supportive in helping us bring a new fur baby into our family.  Our puppy came to us well socialized and with a very trusting attitude. Obi, our puppy is friendly towards everyone. Because of Obi we have met some wonderful neighbors. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Tinkerpups." Marie




"My Tinkerpups pup has helped me face my anxiety and depression...Let me tell you this!  Maisy has not only improved my quality and outlook on life, but Patty has become someone I know I can count on.  Patty is so incredible with her pups. The amount of care they receive is wholehearted. She puts her all into her work, and in return, the puppies turn out incredible. I am so grateful to have gotten the chance to get one of her precious pups. Maisy is my everything and is a partner I know I can depend on. If you are considering getting a puppy for your family, Tinkerpups is the way to go!!" Kendall




“Little did I know that Covid would arrive and change the world. Having a loyal faithful friend during such a difficult time has been one of the greatest blessings for our family. Walking Rey frequently has led to meeting new neighbors and making new friends. Her friendly attitude towards people and other dogs has been inspiring. My husband thanks me often for bringing this little girl into our lives.” 



Mango Cavachon.JPG

Experience with TinkerPups:
We found TinkerPups on Instagram and found it very genuine. Patty has been an amazing person all through the journey. She was so patient enough to answer a zillion questions we had about adopting a puppy, as we were first-time parents. She has made our job so easy by providing all the important information needed before deciding to get a puppy. We flew all the way from New Jersey to California to welcome our little fur baby to our lives and Patty made us feel very comfortable.

About our puppy MANGO
Breed: Cavachon
He is the best thing that has happened to us and he is our true LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. He is growing to be an adorable dog. Mango is a very good, smart, and fast learner.
His ultimate priority is Food. He lives and dreams for food.
He loves to chew anything that is new. Anything! At the end of the day, he just sleeps on our laps like a baby angel.

His adorable photos can be found at his Instagram handle of MANGO -  Anuhya




Where do I even begin?! The thoughtfulness, care, and genuine love Patty/Tinkerpups pours into this process is like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. She makes the entire process so seamless and has been so supportive in answering ALL of my questions. Not to mention she provides information on anything and everything that you will need, and even put together a care package the day I took Ollie (my pup) home. She creates an environment of pure love for these little puppies to be born into and makes dreams come true by beautifully matching these little pups to their perfect owners. Ollie is the most special little puppy girl that has changed & blessed my life indefinitely. Tinkerpups is one of a kind & I am forever grateful! - Shanaya



Remi the Cavapoo.jpeg

Tinkerpups was the best option for getting a new dog for our household. Patty Is a great person to purchase from because not only does she have quality dogs, but she also truly cares about these dogs, unlike many other breeders. 

We chose a caviler poodle, based on the photos that we had seen. It was after the visit to see her dogs, that really solidified our choice. Remi is full of energy, so loving to everyone he meets when he gets happy he will dance like in the movie happy feet. His favorite activities are running around with our other dog, swimming in the pool, going on walks, playing fetch, having his face out of the window when we drive. He’s a bundle of joy, truly. A & K




We were on the search for a puppy for my 7-year-old daughter. We were searching for a Bichon and I came across Patty with Tinkerpups. She told me about the Cavachon breed and after some research decided that was the breed for us. After meeting with Patty we felt an immediate connection with her. It is very obvious that she has a very loving and caring heart and that is love is carried over to her animals and to the families she works with. While waiting for our Molly to be ready to come home we got weekly updates of videos and pictures and updates on her milestones. After bringing Molly home our expectations have been exceeded with how wonderful and sweet our baby is and also how involved and present Patty is if we needed her to be. Once the puppies leave her home she doesn’t just move on and forget about the puppy and the family they go to, she loves to receive updates and pictures of the puppy and Patty has always been available to answer any questions I may have had.  I am so grateful to have been added into Patty’s puppy family and am so grateful that she brought our beautiful and sweet Molly into our lives.” Crystal




We cannot say enough wonderful things about Tinkerpups and Patty. After losing our Bichon of 14 years, we were hesitant to start looking right away. We came across Patty and after one phone call, we were on our way to visit her puppies. She treats all of her fur babies like family- and I feel like we are family now too. We have our sweet Monty and he is the sweetest, kindest puppy. Patty has been there for every phone call, question and loves the updates and when we check-in.  She has a sweet love for these dogs and you will see it too, the moment you meet her!! We are so blessed to have met her and are thankful everyday for our sweet pup, Monty!❤️




"Charlie has been the most loving and patient boy. He really is my angel! His favorite toy is one that he discovered under the couch. It belonged to Sophie and it is never far away from him. 💕💕 

Charlie is amazing and has been so sweet and affectionate. I can’t wait to show him life, I am so thankful for him!! ❤️ (8.8 lbs at his last weigh-in."

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