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Maltipoo snuggles

Ready to take your puppy home? Check out the details on the Puppy Go Home Program.

Exceptional Puppies

We truly understand the needs of families and dog ownership. What we found is that many homes require a smaller hypoallergenic dog that can still keep up with fun family outings.  A large number of families also come with needs for an emotional support service dog that they can easily bring to all venues to provide the assistance they are trained for. We specialize in Bichon, Cavalier, Cavachon, Maltipoo, Maltichons, Cavapoo, and Aussiedoodles.

Cavalier Adventures
Image by Xuan Nguyen

"Patty of Tinkerpups has been amazingly supportive in helping us bring a new fur baby into our family." 


Image by Cristofer Jeschke

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