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You Asked, We Answered

What size crate should I buy?

Your puppy needs to be able to stand up and turn around in their crate. If you give them too much room they will likely go to one end and relieve themselves.


If the crate is just big enough for them to sleep comfortably in it they will likely not soil the crate. You can buy a wire crate with a divider if you want to use a crate for when they are adults.

What food are you feeding the puppy?

We feed Nutro Ultra puppy food with grains. We will send the puppy home with a ziplock full of food. You can use it to transition it over to the food you would like to serve.


Please note that a grain free diet has been found to be detrimental to dogs heart health. Please do not feed grain free or discuss with your vet.

How much food should I feed the puppy and how often?

Puppies are eating at 6:30 am and 6 pm. We give a quarter cup at each meal, plus any veggies, fruit, or grains available.


Keep an eye on how quickly they eat their food. If they eat it with gusto they may be going thru a growth spurt and need their portions increased.

Should I buy a collar or halter?

I like a collar with a name tag, but for walks, I highly recommend a harness.  Small dogs in particular suffer from trachea  collapse so please make sure to be weary of strain on the neck

My puppy sleeps a lot, is it ok?

Puppies are babies. If the puppy has energy when it is awake it means it’s fine. Keep in mind also they not only sleep a lot but they should also be given downtime where they can play on their own without any stimulation. This is important for the future of the dog not to have anxiety.


A well-balanced dog is able to be on its own and not worry about the environment around them. If the puppy is around children keep in mind that the puppy does need time on its own. Overstimulation can cause aggressiveness and anxiety.

Let's talk about vaccinations

All puppies that leave Tinkerpups have had their shot that is due at the eight week mark. A vaccination card is provided to you to give to your veterinarian at the time of first visit. Vaccination protocol eight weeks 12 weeks and 16 weeks for Parvo distemper. Additionally they will receive a rabies shot at around the 16 week mark.


Please ensure that the Parvo distemper shot is not given with the rabies shot. That could send a puppy system into overload and cause health issues in the future. If you are more holistic in nature I would talk to your vet about titer test that allow the puppy to be tested to see if they need the inoculations.

Puppy cries at night when it is placed in the crate-what should I do?

This is a difficult stage for some families. To hear a puppy cry is heartbreaking. But know that the puppy is safe in its crate and it’s just a change for them. After a few days of crying they will get used to their crate and will consider it they’re done. Keep in mind that if you go to them and take them out every time they cry they will think that if they cry they will have you come to them. I would be leery of setting up that habit is it may lead to separation anxiety as an adult.


This is also very subjective and I recommend that each family think about what they can handle and go with her heart. Remember raising puppies is much like raising kids each one of us has our own style.

When should I neuter/spay my dog?

Much research has been done around the topic of one to neuter or spay our dogs. We have found that altering a dog at a young age can lead to heart orthopedic in certain cancers to develop. There is a balance of course because if the animal is not altered it can lead to other issues such as memory cancer.


My recommendation is reading articles from UC Davis vet or speaking to your vet about their recommendations. My lean is to wait until around that one year of age when the dog already has all the hormones in place but yet is young enough to not suffer from that major surgery.

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