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Best Cavachon Breeders in California 2023

Listed on Cavachon Breed

Sweet, intelligent, and a perfect dog for an individual or family!

Thank you for your kind words, Aaron.

"Tinker Pups truly understand the needs of a four-leg family member for families. Their mission is to provide high-quality pups to families. If you are looking for a small hypoallergenic dog, this is the right place for you. These are specialized in Bichon, Cavapoo, Cavalier, Cavachon, Maltipoo, Aussiedoodle, Maltichons, and Aussiechons. Their love of animals started in 2003 when they brought their first dog home. After that, their love, compassion, and dedication encourage them to find the best homes for their lovely puppies.

From their veterinary services to their trainers are all very engaged in communicating client needs. They ensure that all of their members are working with the same goal. They also have other furry friends such as ducks, geese, and cats. Their dogs raised along with these furry friends ensure their socialization at an early age. You can visit their website to get more information about their lovely Cavachons."

If you have questions about the Cavachon breed or would like to inquire about one, email today.


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